4 Simple Rules to Boost your Audience Engagement on Twitter

There is a lot on social media. Nowadays, social media is a powerful asset. Nearly the whole world is on these platforms and advertising your product precisely to a specific audience has become so much easier. Twitter is one of the leading social media applications that allow businesses to target and engage their audience, and with these amazing four tricks, you can boost your engagement and interaction within days.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Tweet as Much as you Can

Tweeting as often as you can is the most powerful rule to increasing your user engagement on Twitter, because posting content regularly will make you popular amongst your audience. Just make sure your posts cover all the trending events and topics that your targeted audience is most interested in.

Also, consider the fact the average life of a tweet is no more than 15 minutes, so in order to make a lasting impact, the content needs to be strong and powerful. Remember, relevancy is the key.

Follow More and More

It is essential to understand and nail this rule: You must initiate by following people in order to make sure people follow you as well. Naturally, there are some exceptions, but the thumb rule dictates that people will not follow you unless you make the first move of following them.

It can almost be related to a real life situation like meeting a random stranger and initiating contact with a friendly ‘Hello’ so they are not intimidated and become inclined to greet you back.  So, begin following and connecting with all the other businesses, influencers and other relevant individuals within your industry so you can boost your exposure within your concerned sector, opening up a whole new realm of potential people to follow you.

Searching is Essential

The search bar is your best companion as it allows you to search all the trending tweets in your market sector by typing in a few keywords. Once you can view all the tweets trending in your industry, you can come up with a solution or a rebuttal that might interest all the people who are tweeting about a certain subject related to your brand or business.

For instance, if you run an online clothing store and a certain user is ranting about a bad experience with one of your competitors, you need to use this opportunity to call out your competitors and offer this user a better alternative with a similar product. This will give you the opportunity to make a sale and invite a new customer, along with the other potential customers who will view your tweet.

Keep Things Real

On Twitter, you cannot send out automated tweets because it would be an outright indication of your lethargy, laziness and lack of interest. Naturally, you will end up being unfollowed and removed from the trending zones. Therefore, keep in touch with the human element that Twitter is possible for and avoid tweeting like a robot. Keep it real!